Omar Khaldouni

United Arab Emirates



28 March 2022

Thank you very much, the LED dance shows were very good, our client was satisfied.


20 February 2022

Everything was great with the fire show and guests were happy, despite the cold weather and wind the artists did well.


29 October 2021

Thanks for all the support you gave, the performance was very good, all enjoyed it.


01 March 2020

The puppetry show was good, and the children enjoyed it.

Shruti Srivastava

23 February 2020

There was a small issue with one of the puppets, but thankfully the artist had another one, but apart from that all was ok. Thank you very much.

Sherryl Sarabosing

21 April 2019

Really good and flexible artist despite the stage not being so stable, still arrived on time and put on a great show with his crew.

Lucy Chow

27 October 2018

Honestly an amazing performance!!! Loved it!!! Everyone did! So pleased!!