Olena Kolibaba

United Arab Emirates


Joyce K

20 March 2023

Olena was superb, thank you very much)

Parish R

23 December 2022

It was super, thank you the artist was amazing.

Darine Elkaissi

27 June 2021

She was great. Thanks

Lacheln Reyes

25 March 2019

She is amazing! Will be recommending her again

Paula Wehbeh

07 March 2019

I think they were great, performance was great and they were very pleasant

Justin Fernandes

03 March 2019

Olena was great and professional, she engaged with the guests well, came and did her sound check and was at the venue on time

Farhad Ahmad

04 January 2019

Thanks a lot I appreciate this artist and everything else was amazing

Aslam Sooltangos

25 November 2018

Olena was amazing. All was perfect!