United Arab Emirates



29 February 2024

The dancers were very supportive and interacted well with our guests. Everyone enjoyed themselves 🙏🙏


09 May 2023

Eve was amazing!

Genevieve (Golden Lion Travel & Tourism LLC)

22 March 2023

Thank you. Me my friend they had a good time, artists were good in getting everything set on time.

Chanakya V

08 February 2023

Thank you everything went well.

Helena P.

05 December 2022

She was absolutely amazing. Eve put on a great show, got everyone involved, and yet maintained her professionalism.


24 May 2022

Thank you so much, Eve was amazing!


28 March 2022

The event was awesome, Eve was at her best. Great party .👍🥂

Heta Khan

26 March 2022

Everyone loved it! She was very hard working. Thank you so much it was great


04 March 2022

The artist was so good, she deserve great feedback and her hard work said it all.

Anil G

06 February 2022

Thank you so much, it was a fantastic evening, we really enjoyed!

Nouf AlMarzooqi

14 November 2021

Thank you for the service yesterday we all enjoyed it
Eve was very entertaining

Amjad Barakat

25 September 2021

The performance was great. The dancer was amazing!

Sona Khachatryan

14 August 2021

Everything was perfect thank you!

Mona Zein El Din

07 February 2021

The evening was very nice. Eve was excellent. She was pleasant, her performance was very good. We loved her.

Dee Khettry

10 November 2020

The event went well, thank you for your support throughout!!


01 March 2020

The performers were very good, thank you again.

Fatima Al Hamali

10 February 2020

The performance was great, thanks!

Fadoua Berhout

04 January 2020

Actually was more than expected the belly dancer was amazing and made my party the best. Thank you so much for this amazing party, all my friends enjoyed it. Was the best day wallah

Mariam Bu Majeed

22 November 2019

She was amaaaaaaazing. Thank you


06 October 2019

All went smooth. Everyone enjoyed every bit of it.

Ahmad Daoud

25 August 2019

Thank you so much, really appreciate you guys

Axel Destremau

28 April 2019

Great artist! She interacted with the guest and kids. Lots of fun. She was great!

Shahzad Sadiq

10 April 2019

Flaunted all over. Great Character!