DJ Zaino

United Arab Emirates


Jasmit Jingh

07 February 2022

Everything went smooth, thanks.

Anu Thomas

31 January 2022

They were extremely accommodating and the music and the vibe they brought in was truly amazing! I will definitely work with them again. The client was very happy with them as well

Gaspar Lino

12 December 2021

Very good this DJ 👍

Malack El Masry

16 October 2021

Everything was great!

Eman Baik

03 July 2021

Everything was amazing! He exceeded my expectation. Not only the music was really good and really Lit and based on the taste that I want. Like he was taking requests from everyone, From people and me. and he was friendly, he was always having a smile on his face.

Darine Elkaissi

27 June 2021

He was great. Thanks

Nadia Abdulla

22 May 2021

Honestly I have to say from the service to the DJ all has been fantastic. It was one of the best decisions I made for the night.

Nada Allawati

07 March 2020

It was great. He was very good. Thank you!

Yehya Hasbini

16 February 2020

The DJ was very understanding and professional, he arrived on time and put on a great show!

Hayat Tabsh

15 February 2020

It went really well!! He was awesome and very cooperative during the event 😊 Thanks

Stefano Milan

19 December 2019

Thank you. All went great!

Neha Pandey

14 November 2019

Zaino was excellent and professional also, thank you very much!

Joanne Kolakjian

03 August 2019

He was fantastic, nothing but positive reviews, Thank you so much 😁😁

Isra Abu Zayed

22 July 2019

Event was great with Dj Zaino’s help!

Sabine Fata

08 June 2019

Thank u very much. Zaino was good !

Karim Sultan

09 May 2019

The DJ was amazing, everyone at the event kept saying that he was so good and was in tune with what people wanted to hear! 10/10 rating from me.

Rahul Prakash

21 April 2019

Good and talented !

Nasir Latif

12 April 2019

It was nice experience with him