Waleed Shah

United Arab Emirates


I'm a photographer and I would love to shoot with you.
No project is too small and no challenge too great.

I live in the United Arab Emirates, born and raised here actually. The first thing everyone asks is usually where I’m from and I never answer that on our first date. I might tell you over a cup of coffee later though.

I’m a Chemical Engineer by education, started my career working in the oil industry, and slowly discovered my love for photography. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the finest establishments in the industry, talented local artists and international legends passing through the UAE, and some of the coolest brands out there.

I hate to name drop in conversation so there’s a client list on my home page. My journey got recognized by Fujifilm Middle East and I am honored to call myself an Official Fuji-X-Photographer. Recently, I’ve started a series title “Rock Your Ugly”, which explores the intersection between physical and mental health through a series of portraits.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Automotive, Conferences, Exhibitions, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Music, Videography

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Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Children Birthday, Private Party, Bachelor Party, Exhibition



Waleed Shah


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Shaun Warner

22 July 2020

Had an amazing experience working with Waleed. He is talented, hard-working and most importantly extremely communicative and reliable. 5 stars!

Bill Bragin

22 July 2020

I had the pleasure of being photographed by this gentleman a few times during the the times I’ve performed here in Dubai. I use the word “pleasure” because Waleed has an unusual knack for capturing the true nature of his subject while somehow knowing what the subject wants to see in him/herself in a photograph. Such talent is not only attributed to mere intuition. It is a gift and a clear sign of self/general awareness; a quality that I find is paramount to the success and well being of any human being on this earth.

Lisa Lazarus

22 July 2020

Waleed makes the camera sing. Watching him do his work is poetry in motion. He has captured me in the most compromising situations while holding onto great composition, lighting and sharpness. He has the eye of Sauron, that sees things that our regular vision will never be able to grasp. A king in his own right, who can capture portraits, concerts, products, landscapes, you name it, with great style and effortlessness.