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Sasi Lasi Sizzlin' Circus

Fire & Flow Artist


United States of America


Acrobatics, Aerial, Dragon Staff, Fire, Fire Acts, Fire Eating, Gymnastics, Poi, Staffs, Stilt Walking


Corporate Event, Wedding, Bachelor Party, Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party, Children Birthday



Sasi Lasi has been spinning fire for over 5 years now and is sure to be the talk of the party once she dazzles with her array of talents. Fire Poi is her main specialty, yet she is versed well in all types of fire prop manipulation. Circus is another passion that ties in well with her act Aerial hoop (lyra) acrobatics and stilling are couple other acts she loves to perform.

Originally from southern CA, she lived in the Pacific North West for many years and is always up for a trip to make it to a wonderful event that wants some Sasi added to their Vibe.

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  • Tech Rider
  • Green Room