United Arab Emirates



I am a graceful and professional dancer, instructor that possesses a sense of rhythm, a feel for music and a creative ability to express themselves through movement. I am trained in hip hop, contemporary, jazz, house, salsa, as well as having skills in pop, funk, break dance.

I tough my self to dance from a very young age, creating choreo to any music I could find in TV adverts, cartoons and music video. I gained inspiration from all aspects of my day to day life growing up including my friends and family,who were very supportive. I eat, sleep and breath dance and find new skills, trying new moves and learning new style.

I am in good health and boast an excellent physical stamina. I can work individually or as part of a team with other dancers,singers,performers,artists and actors.

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United Arab Emirates


Afro-beat, Bboy, Break Dance, Contemporary, Dancing, Hip-Hop Dance, House Dance, LED Show, Locking, Popping, Robot

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Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Children Birthday, Private Party, Exhibition


  • Tech Rider
  • Green Room