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Rober Ayyad



Berlin, Germany


Band, Composer, Dancing, Keyboardist, Keytar, One Man Band, Organist, Pianist, Producer, Singer (Vocalist), Songwriter


Arabic, Infusion, Khaliji, Lebanese, Middle Eastern, Oriental, Sufi, World Music


Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Corporate Event, Exhibition, Cruise Ship, Hotels & Restaurants, Public Event, Festival, Private Party


Arabic, English, German


Rober Ayyad | روبير عياد
موزع و مؤلف موسيقى يعشق الفنون بوجه عام ، له العديد من التجارب الموسيقية مع مطربين و موسيقيين من ثقافات و خلفيات مختلفة مما اكسبه طابع موسيقى خاص
تتميز موسيقاه بالدمج بين انماط و ثقافات مختلفة و صياغتها فى قالب جديد متناسق و قريب لقلب المستمع

Music producer and composer who loves arts in general and has extensive musical experience with singers and musicians from different cultures and backgrounds, which gave him a special musical character.
His music is distinguished by combining different styles and cultures and formulating them in a new harmonized shape that touches hearts deeply.

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