Roaming Paparazzi

United Arab Emirates


Paparazzi are independent photographers who take pictures of high-profile people, such as athletes, entertainers, politicians, and other celebrities, typically while subjects go about their usual life routines. Paparazzi tend to make a living by selling their photographs to media outlets focusing on tabloid journalism and sensationalism (such as gossip magazines).

Adding a roaming paparazzi to an event makes attendees feel like celebrities, having the paparazzi approach them for interviews, take photos and videos of them, and engage them in a lovely and interactive manner.

Talent Card

Art Type:

Specialty Act


United Arab Emirates



Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition

Roaming Paparazzi


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George H

28 February 2023

They were great, very flexible, understanding (since we had a bit of delays), Everything was fine thank u

George H

16 February 2023

Cant thank u enough the paparazzis were very friendly and energetic, The overall feedback i have couldn’t be any better, excellent job

Shruti S

14 February 2023

The artist was good and the performances were appreciated by all