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The love of guitar-driven stomp rock brought them together and what you hear captured on Riff Raff’s debut release is all of that and more. Formed back in 2009, Riff Raff has cut an independent swath through the clutter of Metal bands that dominate the live music scene in the UAE. Pride and place are given to groove and melody anchored with a no-nonsense 4 to the floor drive that is distinctly 70’s rock. License is given to the howl and drive of blues-rock power laced with a snake's bite of punk rock ferocity. Following on from winning the RAM Rock Battle of the Bands in 2011, Riff Raff has committed to CD something remarkable.

The first album was raw and cutting. Every track perched peerlessly on the edge of mistake and disaster in a concerted effort to capture the unpredictability and latent abandon of a band steeped in the bluster of live performance. Produced, recorded, and engineered by Ray Fahy and Sean Allison with mixing and mastering duties handled deftly by Leon Hughes, Riff Raff have captured what is ultimately one of the finest examples of rock and roll to come from the UAE.

The first release off the album ‘Rock and Roll Mama’, has garnered consistent airplay since launching on the 7th June 2012, with Darren Carrington of Rock Radio, champions of all that is amps to 11 in the UAE, confirming, ‘we have had nothing but positive feedback, with most listeners commenting on how much they like the ‘Classic Rock’ production sound.’

Rodi Hennawi founder of Metal Asylum, the UAE premier Metal and Rock promotions organization, also had this to say, ’ It’s the kind of song when you listen to it you have to tap your foot on the floor! The song is the definition of Rock n’ Roll’

The band's debut album was launched on the 29th of June 2012 and the band is extremely excited at finally being in a position to let the songs rip. This labor of love has finally founded its wings and Riff Raff is determined to honor the spirit of the album's production and their musical roots in dishing it out live, honest and blistering.

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Riff Raff