Parkour DXB

United Arab Emirates


Parkour is the art of an effective locomotion and lives from a creative environment. Walls, balustrades and stairways are seen as barriers which have to be overcome in unconventional ways. The exercises to do that are all about fluent moves, the right assessment of your own skills and of course creativity.

All that can be brought from the urban space to stage. With the help of self build obstacles, we can project the urban conditions on stage. The scaffolding systems, obstacles and walls enable to present parkour in all it's elegance and uniqueness to the audience. The transition-free movements, jumps and balance acts will create a harmony, which will inspire the audience.

But a parkour stage show is also possible without this obstacles. To balance the missing barriers, elements of breakdance, tricking and capoeira will be integrated in the performance. They will create an exciting performance with the right amount of action and elegance.

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Specialty Act


United Arab Emirates


Freerunning , Parkour

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Clubs & Pubs, Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition

Parkour DXB


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Michael Ibrahim

01 March 2020

The athlete was excellent, thank you very much for everything.