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Nasma Is a talented and ambitious young artist who took her steps in the world of art, singing and playing with her instruments, adopting a new method and style that is unique to her.

Nasma has moved to the world of art with a unique talent that differs from her other colleagues in this field. Besides her ability to sing in different languages such as English, French Latino Italian, and oriental in all shades, Nasma is the first young female artist in the Middle East to play various instruments Such as flute traversiere , Mezmar, and piano during her shows.

Nasma can hit the stage for any occasion such as weddings, events, and nightlife in which she presents the most beautiful and famous songs in a distinctive and different way from all the artists because she has chosen for herself an exceptional rare style among others.

Singing and playing flute many styles upon request such as jazz blues pop she can even switch to oriental and to play the upbeat style with her Mezmar the pure folklore and Lebanese instrument.

The interaction of the audience is so important that recites songs with Nasma in an atmosphere of joy, art, and originality.

Nasma has performed on many occasions in her country and abroad. She represented her country Lebanon as the only Lebanese female artist to be selected by the destination world planners of the world DWP which took place in Dubai 2019. She also performed with many celebrities in big weddings, corporate events, and nightlife.

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United Arab Emirates


Flautist, Pianist, Singer (Vocalist)


Arabic, English, French, Instrumental, Italian, Latino, Lebanese, Oriental, Original, Tarab

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Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition


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