Nadia Lumley

United Kingdom



My name is Nadia, I am a circus artist specialising in Cyr Wheel and Breakdance and work internationally on Circus, Theatrical and corporate/gala shows. I am currently back in Germany working for GOP on their new Show Electro. Prior to working for GOP I spent the past three months in Australia for the Theatrical company Strut and Fret on their show Love Riot.

Last year I toured GOP venues with their Show Impulse for six months, and prior to that toured with Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Eloize's Arena and theatrical touring show, ID. I worked with Eloize for 4 years, performing in more than 500 shows in over 24 different countries. I am a British citizen, and work corporately and commercially in Events and productions all over the World.

Corporately I have worked for Vivienne Westwood, Nike, BMW, Huawei, Honda, RedBull to name just a few, and for large corporate agencies worldwide.

Talent Card

Art Type:

Circus Artist


United Kingdom


Balance Artist

Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition


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  • Nadia requires a smooth flat surface to perform wheel. Nadia cannot perform on carpet. Nadia ideally works on a minimum of 4m by 4m

Nadia Lumley