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Mohamed Aly



United Arab Emirates


Master of Ceremony, Original, Standup Comedy


Wedding, Corporate Event, Hotels & Restaurants, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party



Mohamed is a skilled & expressive actor who processes strong character
development skills, allowing him to express and convey key emotions including Happiness, Anger, Hate, Love, Envy, Jealousy, Sadness & Fear.

Mohamed is a native Egyptian, with Greek roots. He lived and worked in UAE, England, Egypt, and Algeria. He is also a well-rounded stand-up comedian.

Mohamed actively hosted and produced hundreds of shows across the UAE, and participated in many comedy festivals including Short and Sweet and Montreux comedy festivals. Mohamed is a Social Media influencer developing independent original content on a number of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

He also runs comedy workshops where he trains adults and children on how to add humor to public speech.

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