Mercury Man




Taras Nadtochii aka Mercury-man

My act is the result of 10 year-hard work at different places of entertainment (I mean theme parks, circuses, corporate and private events, nightclubs etc). Due to this experience I tried to follow the tastes of the different audience.

First of all, I decided to refuse the classical demonstration of my abilities, I mean - slow movements of the body on the table as it is seen every year at our circus schools. I had 2 ways of new presentation: comic or mystic. All this I combined to the plastic which is successfully realized by the break-dancers(liquid, popping).

60% of my act is my natural talent, one cannot study it at circus-school. You are to be born with it. Thanks to God that I followed the demands of my heart to become a performer.

I took part in many serious contests of talents - 'Ukraine's got talent' and "Das Supertalent","Italia's got talent","Russia's got talent".The participation gave me a new fresh act. Many excellent performers helped me in the creation of my numbers.

As to the awards: the best award for the artist is a great demand in his act. As long as you are interested in something so long you are alive as a performer.

2014 Port Aventura, Spain
2013 Italia's got talent
2012-2013 Europa-park, Germany
2012- "Das Supertalent", Germany
2011-12 Entertainment park "Miragica" Italy
2010-11 Conelli, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 Halloween-show, ''Gardaland" Italy
2010 Twisted-show Pitea, Sweden
2010 Wintercircus Martin Hanson, Holland
2009: finalist of national TV-project "Ukraine's got talent".
2008 "Blue ocean circus", South Korea
2007 "Imperium" cabaret Rzeszow, Poland
2006 Entertainment park "Happy Valley" Beijing, China
2004 Entertainment park "Gardaland" Verona, Italy
2003 circus "180 Grad" ( by "FLIC FLAC") Germany
2002 variete "Panashe" Warsaw, Poland.

Photo and video say louder than words.

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Circus Artist




Buugeng, Contortion, Juggling

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Clubs & Pubs, Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition

Mercury Man