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Fire & Flow Artist


New Zealand


Bubble Art, Dragon Staff, Fans, Fire, Fire Acts, Fire Play, Hoops, Juggling, LED Play, Object Manipulation, Poi, Pyrotechnics, Rope Dart, Staffs


Corporate Event, Wedding, Bachelor Party, Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party, Children Birthday



Megasol- a flow artist of many skills -prepare to be megmerized ;)

Major events that I have either taught or performed at include but are not limited to Circulation Festival, Autumn Arena Festival, Mix Festival, Christchurch City Botanical D'lights, Aum Festival, Resonance Festival, Rangiora Mid-Winter Festival, and many more! I can provide references if interested.

I also can organise a group act as I run weekly fire and flow events, meet ups, and skill shares in Christchurch city.