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Magic Play

Specialty Act




Bubble Art, Clown, Duo, Face Painter, Magic


Wedding, Hotels & Restaurants, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party, Children Birthday




We are Duo «Magic Play» from Ukraine. Liudmyla and Aleksandr Yanenko.
We have 2 acts: bubble show and balloon twisting show. Also we have magic acts for children. If you need we can make one show with all this acts.

We speak Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Aleksandr Yanenko is professional trumpeter, he can occupy trumpeter position at band. He have his own band «Yellow Shoes». Aleksandr also work at Ukraine at national academic symphony orchestra "Fantastic Orchestra".

Liudmyla Yanenko an actress and have experience from mime and clown acts. Worked at Ukraine at Karnaval music and drama theatre. Also has organization for child partyes. Also she the artist and can make face paint.

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Group Members

Aleksandr Yanenko

Musition - Trumpet, Artist

Liudmyla Yanenko

Actress, Artist