Latino Circus

United Arab Emirates


Latino Circus is dedicated to create and provide circus entertainment, in which the base of their inspiration is the client's needs and satisfaction.

These artists are professionals, graduated from circus schools; so it reflects in the high standard and quality of our shows, this crew works with a base number of 8 artists, but we can reach up to 16 to 20 performers with the inclusion of invited artists.

All our shows are developed at home, as we have a complete team of production and execution. Such as choreography, music, scenery, costume design, and makeup artists.

The word 'Latino' is because they specialize in everything to do with Latin American cultural themes, in relation to music, dance, and costumes. However, they are far from limited to 'Latino themes' only. Their musicians and dancers are broad in their skills and we can customize to any cultural theme required by clients.

These performers offer a number of contemporary circus performances specifically created (characters, theme, music, costumes, technical), for all kinds of public events and festivals, galas, theaters, hotels, clubs, weddings, parties, etc.

Clients can choose between live music with the show or a piece of simple audio music which can always be arranged, combined with a combination of multi-skilled talents and a lively show, this is a sure-fire hit with the audience.

Talent Card

Art Type:

Circus Artist


United Arab Emirates


Acro Balance, Acrobat, Acrobatics, Aerial, Aerialist, Balance Artist, Chinese Pole, Contact Balls, Contortion, Cube, Cyr Wheel, Diabolo, Double Staff, Dragon Staff, Fans, Fire, Fire Acts, Fire Breathing, Fire Eating, Fire Play, Fire Star, Handstand, Hand to Hand, Hoops, Hula Hoop, Human Pyramid, Juggling, Jump Rope, LED Play, Living Statue, Object Manipulation, Plate Spinning, Pogo Sticks, Poi, Pole Dancing, Quick Change, Rola-Rola, Silks, Staffs, Stilt Walking, Straps, Torches, Unicycle

Events Type:

Bachelor Party, Corporate Event, Cruise Ship, Wedding, Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party, Children Birthday



  • Tech Rider
  • Green Room

Latino Circus


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Akanksha Bhat

24 March 2022

Thank you! The event went much beyond our expectations, the artists were all super professional and did a fabulous job.

Akanksha Bhat

25 July 2021

The artists were on time and well organized preceding the event. The client was pleased with their performance and vibrant & attractive costumes :)

Julie Wehner

14 January 2021

The artists were very good and talented.