Lerato Leteka, alias L-Tore, is a Lesotho-based rap artist currently using music to capture and captivate the listener into his enclave of visual accuracy, aural pleasure, and lyrical perfection.

His style, forever-morphing and never quite comfortable in the skin it inhibits at any point of time, is a multi-textured framework within which he employs various rhyme scheme and flow techniques to advance his cause. Born to a Mosotho father and South African mother, L-tore's very existance is a split between self-assured without being too cocky; a delicate balance of perfect imperfections, of questions and answers- a paradox of sorts.

Born in Italy towards the end of the eighties, L-Tore exemplifies best the traits of a well-rounded artist. A rapper, producer, vocalist, and dancer, his music is as multi-diciplinary as his myriad of talents. He traverses the underground and mainstream with reckless abandon, robbing any merit-claiming emcee along the way, proving that, more than just skill, a focused frame of mind towards one's goal is essential.

L-tore possesses the ability to 'think-in' on a track until he nails the exact story, the arch, the delivery, and the overall mood conveyed by each word. Any song he is on is bound to come with a truck-load of quotables; nits-bits to keep the listener entertained, salivating, and stretching their arms skywards as an act of appreciation.

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Hip Hop, Rap

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Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition

Awards and Recognition

Ultimate Music Awards (2016) for Best Compilation and Best Hip Hop (2 separate awards)