Kristina Gutseva

United Arab Emirates


"The Amazing Trio" 🎹🎷🎤


Duo "Kristi & Mark" - Promo 🎹🎤

Kristina Gutseva 1🎤

Duo "Adam & Kristi" 🎹🎤

"All I want for Christmas is you" - Kristina Gutseva

DUO "Vivi & Kristi" - Bessame mucho

DUO "Vivi & Kristi"

"All I want for Christmas is you"

"Last Christmas"

Kristina Gutseva - Promo video

Gutseva Kristina - Promo video

Duo Kristina & Maksin (singer pianist)

Kristina Gutseva - Live promo

Kristina Gutseva - Summer medley

Duo(guitarist, singer) - Live promo

Kristina Gutseva - "Cheap Thrills"

Duo(singer, saxophonist) - "Unstoppable"(live)

Duo(piano, vocal) - I wanna dance with somebody

Duo(singer, pianist) - "Cheap thrills"

DUO Kristina & AJ (vocal, saxafon) - "Titanic"

Duo Kristina&Aleksey - "New York, New York", "I wanna dance with somebody"

Promo video - "Worth it", "I can't feel my face", "Cheap Thrills"

Duo Aleksey&Kristina - "Lullaby of birdland", "Quizas, quizas, quizas", "The boy from Ipanema"

DUO "Kristina&Paulo"(vocals, saxafon)

DUO "Kristina&Maxim"(vocals,piano)

DUO "Kristina&Arthur"(vocals, saxafon)

"Spanish guitar" - K.Gutseva

Russian medley - K.Gutseva

Duo "Kristina&Misha" - "My all"

"Christmas medley"

Duo "Kristina & Arthur" - "Can't Take My Eyes off You"

Duo "Kristina & Arthur" - "I miss you like the deserts miss the rain"

"The Amazing Trio" (vocals, keyboard, saxafon)

Duo "Kristina&Paulo (saxafon, vocals)

"The Breeze Trio"

"The Breeze Duo"

songs from the 80s and 90s

Duo "Kristina&Misha", Bahrain

Kristina Gutseva - Promo songs, Abu Dhabi

TV Show performance - Kristina Gutseva

"Jingle Bells", live performance

Duo "Kristina&Alena" - "I feel good"

"Diamonds", live performance in Ripe by the Bay

"Everything I do", live performance in the Maldives

"Hero", live performance in the Maldives

"La isla bonita", live performance

"Happy", live performance

"Cheap Thrills", live performance

Latin promo songs

"Dance monkey", live performance

Kristina Gutseva - "Hits of the 80s and 90s"

Kristina Gutseva - Promo video

Kristina Gutseva - "Waikiki restaurant", Bahrain

Kristina Gutseva - "Merci Baku" restaurant, Minsk

Kristina Gutseva - "Merry Christmas and happy New year"

"The Amazing Trio"

Kristina Gutseva - "Retro style night", The Maldives

Kristina Gutseva - "Happy Valentine's day", The Maldives

Kristina Gutseva - "Waikiki restaurant", Bahrain

Valerie (Live Performance)

Gutseva Kristina - Day by day (The Maldives)

Duo with guitarist

Live Promo Solo singer

Solo singer

Duo with pianist


Day by day, Maldives - Kristina Gutseva

Summer medley, Maldives, Kristina Gutseva

Russian songs

Duet with pianist


Live promo