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Kim marcelle is a French singer and model of Congolese origin, she was already dreaming of being a great international singer, she starts singing at church, she is spotted by teachers in primary school to represent her class at parties end of the year singing and dancing with her classmates while being the leader and singer of the band, she was known to her school for her intelligence (always at the top of her class ranking), later in high school she begins to sing at school ceremonies.

With very strict parents when it comes to studies, she can not get into her musical career, trying to hide her life as an artist at home, fearing her father's reaction, she decides to do it in her own way. hiding place. It is in May 2017 that it records a hit With the artist HLM HELEMENT, unfortunately this title will not thus be the day for reasons unknown. In February 2018 kim released two titles successively, GIVE IT TO ME and ADIEUX.

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Composer, Singer (Vocalist)


African, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton

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Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event

Kim Marcelle