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United States of America


Club MC, Influencer


Clubs & Pubs, Cruise Ship, Bachelor Party, Public Event, Festival, Private Party



I'm a Rap Artist, a Producer, and a Mixing and Mastering Engineer.y home state is Michigan. I have lived all over the west side of the state. From Ludington, north of Muskegon, down to Niles, South Bend area. Been through a lot, seen all kinds of stuff, and met all kinds of people.

Music has always helped me release anger or aggressive energy, wanting the lyrics of songs harsher and also more unique to my lifestyle. I started writing and rapping, but there’s no recording studio’s in my area. So I had to learn to be my own producer. Being unsatisfied with my sound led me to learn about production, mixing, and mastering. Now I start the project and finish it.

I just want the world hooked on JeffMAC.

"One thing I would tell my fans, is to do what they love and do it the way they feel is right. You only get one life, no one wants to die with regrets from not doing what they wanted to do all along." -JeffMAC

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