Jazz Boost

United Arab Emirates



22 May 2023

Jazz Boost did a beautiful performance, thank you!

Shruti S

20 March 2023

Jazz Boost were good, thank you.

Joyce K

27 February 2023

The band was extremely successful 3anjad super bi janeno

George H

16 February 2023

Cant thank u enough Florie and her band are super talented, everyone loved them, The overall feedback i have couldn’t be any better, excellent job

Shruti S

11 January 2023

The band was really good, thank you.


18 November 2022

They were fascinating, everyone was amazed


15 March 2022

Thank you for providing such professional services. The artists were professional and easy to work with.


29 November 2021

It went great. The band did an amazing job. Was so much fun. Thanks for your coordination and ensuring everything went smooth!