Hannah Woolmer

United Kingdom



Hannah Woolmer is a world Class violinist for a new generation.

Hannah Woolmer began her concert violin career after graduation by performing and recording Lark Ascending with the University of Cambridge. Following the success of this EP she toured extensively as a soloist.

After her successful partnership & subsequent Album release with pianist Daniel Roberts, Hannah turned her attention to digital outputs for classical music.

Since 2016 she has established herself as a thoroughly millennial classical violinist. She now boasts a 12k online following & since 2017 is the only fully online classical musician in the world.

Catch Hannah performing classical greats at her stageit online concerts, stream her music on spotify, download her albums, follow her YouTube channel or interact with her practice sessions on periscope.

Hannah has been composing her own music since 2018.

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United Kingdom




Classical, Electronic, English, Gypsy, Instrumental, Lounge Music, Multi Genre, Pop

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Hotels & Restaurants, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition


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Hannah Woolmer