Hannah Collier

United Kingdom



Can you perform different pieces of equipment in one night?

For sure ! Ideally with a winch set up you can change equipment very easily and also make the performer move up and down- if on a hoop, moon, spiral etc- depending on height of venue and standard of winch. If there is no winch this is also possible, by me installing a basic pull system set up around a truss system so equipment can be easily changed between shows, if you also want it still to travel up and down during shows this is also possible with a slightly more complex pull system set up and an additional rigger, both supplied by myself for an additional fee.

Do you have another perform you can perform with?

Yes, absolutely, I have friends and other performers with the same or different skills available to build unique shows for each client and their ideas.

How much height do you require?

For all my aerial shows the minimum height requirement is 3metres, however the higher the more range of tricks and equipment is offered. Ideal height is between 6-8 metres.