GoGo Dancers

United Arab Emirates


Shruti S

27 January 2023

Thank you for your support, the dancers were beautiful, inspite of the short time for choreography, they did a great job.


09 January 2023

All went well! The dancers was a glamorous touch to the party. thanks.

Munira Y

13 December 2022

Everything was perfect thank you so much for these amazing performances.

Shruti S

08 December 2022

Thank you, all the acts were good.

Piotr Kaliszewski

28 November 2022

We are very happy with the performers and services provided. We will work together again in the future, I hope.

Richa M

29 June 2022

Thanks so much! The girls were great.

Akanksha B

16 June 2022

The GoGo dancers were amazing, super nice and accommodating to the changes in schedule. We were a bit concerned as the practice was cutting it short, but they were well-rehearsed and did a great job.


28 March 2022

It was a major success.. people loved it! Thank you so much for a great show.


27 February 2022

Thank you so much, everything was so lovely, professional and on time, will be contacting you again in the future.


25 February 2022

All was great, thank you so much!!!

Nicky U

03 January 2022

Thank you. The party was great and the girls were a huge success. They were lovely.

Griff Freeman

12 December 2021

They were great thanks, very professional and excellent show.


07 November 2021

Thank you. The ladies were happy with him and his performance 😊

Zeeshan Dhar

23 October 2021

The GoGo Dancers were amazing.


07 October 2021

The dancers were excellent.


04 October 2021

It was great, the ladies enjoyed it. Thanks.

Mantis Club

25 October 2020

The performances were amazing, thank you so much.