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‘The Glowdiators – Tron Dance Group’ is a performing arts crew that portray an exclusive act known as “LED Tron Dance” which is an excellent amalgamation of art and technology. Our motive is to cook up the standards everytime in the spotlight. So, step into the glowing experience of our work for all kinds of live events and productions.

Additionally, we have staged our LED Tron Dance Act for several notable companies apart from the reality shows and created their events unforgettable through our most artistic and distinctive storyline, visual effects and international level performance delivery. As the Best Dance Group in Delhi, we likewise provide all sorts of services as per your needs like-: Western and Bollywood dance troupe, Wedding choreography, Studio dance class and also Online dance sessions.

Searching our style
‘The Glowdiators’ was a thought that came into existence with a collective effort placed in by Nikhil and his Dance Group in Delhi. All the members started off as professional dancers in different fields since 2007 and later came together to merge all the different styles and formed the ‘LED Tron Dance Act’ and thrived as the most entertaining and innovative Tron Dance Company India.

LED Tron Dance Wave
LED Tron Dance has hit the Dance Group in Delhi like a storm. Tron Dance has become the most enthusiastic and demonstrative dance style and its popularity is increasing day-by-day. Glowdiators- Dance Company India was amongst the first few to ride the way and explore endless possibilities with the level of creativity and visual effects which can be integrated into the new age dance form.

Talent Card

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Specialty Act




LED Play, LED Robot, LED Show

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Festival, Public Event, Private Party

Glowdiators Tron