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Face Team

Specialty Act




Acrobat, Acrobatics, Bboy, Break Dancing, Dancing, Juggling


Corporate Event, Hotels & Restaurants, Public Event, Festival, Private Party



Face Team mostly does acrobatic basketball shows combined with freestyle juggling and dancing into a 7-15 minutes long spectacular show.

Globally, FACE TEAM is the first and only acrobatic sports theatre, performing incredibly entertaining sport related shows. Their acrobatic freestyle slam dunk basketball, handball, korfball, ball juggling mixes are full of energy. The team was established in 2004. It has 15 members in their travelling roster. The shows are always carefully chosen, often custom ordered. They are following the needs of certain places, times and special occasion.

Face Team is the most watched acrobatic basketball team online and they currently hold TEN Guinness World Records.


● Parisian Theatre: La Parisienne Cabaret Francais Macau, 2018
● Ice and Snow world Theatre: Harbin, China, 2018
● Circus Krone: “Old School Show” Germany, 2017
● Royal Palace Music Hall: “Imagine” France, 2015-2016
● FIBA Basketball World Cup: “Iberia Flyers” Spain, 2014
● Namba Grand Kagetsu Theatre: “Hakuraiyose” Japan, 2014
● Budapest Operetta-theatre: “Freestyle Theatre” Hungary, 2013
● NBA Global Games - Halftime show, Turkey, 2013
● Britain’s Got Talent Auditions & Semi-Final, United Kingdom, 2012

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Awards and Recognition

Special prize from Alexander Ogurtsov, Vice President of Nikulin Moscow Circus. - 2017

Special prize from Taisiya Kornilova, Chief Art Manager of the Russian State Circus Company of Russia. - 2017

10 Guinness World Records - 2016,2017


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  • Artists transport
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  • Rehearsal possibilities
  • Untitled
  • Dressing-room
  • Untitled
  • Show lights
  • Untitled
  • Sound system
  • Untitled
  • Two Basketball Hoop Systems
  • Untitled
  • Two pieces of Foam Gymnastics Landing Mat ensuring
  • Untitled
  • At least 7 meters height inside the hall
  • Untitled
  • Concrete, parquet, sports floor
  • Untitled
  • Two mini trampoline(s): Eurotramp Team Gym (provided by Face Team)