Empty Yard Experiment

United Arab Emirates



EYE (Empty Yard Experiment) was formed in 2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The band’s music often eludes categorization - it is essentially a unique combination of sub-genres that includes the alternative and progressive varieties of rock, as well as experimental and instrumental/post-rock.

Since its inception, EYE has built an impressive live portfolio, including high-profile opening spots for Metallica, Evanescence, and Anathema.

The soul of the band’s work is rooted in a restless Middle East, and channels its volatile energy through a multi-sensory approach to performance. In other words, each EYE show features an elaborate set of projected visual elements, which create an experience that each member of the audience is invited to relate to in their own unique way.

Although its influences range from bands such as Tool and King Crimson to Porcupine Tree, Alice in Chains and Mogwai, EYE have developed a distinctive sound that continues to enchant audiences across the region. Indeed, the variety of their musical role models is as diverse as their cultural backgrounds, with members hailing from Serbia, Iran and Ireland/Saudi Arabia - providing this versatile group of musicians with genuine multinational appeal.

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United Arab Emirates


Band, Rock Band


Alternative, Experimental, Instrumental, Progressive, Rock

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Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Bachelor Party, Exhibition



Group Members

Bojan Preradovic

Vocals & Guitars

Mehdi Gr


Munsef Turkmani


Sami Al-Turki



  • Tech Rider
  • Sound System

Empty Yard Experiment