Drone Light Show

United Arab Emirates



Drone light shows and digital fireworks

Create a visual spectacle for your guests at both indoor and outdoor events. The impact of a powerful and compelling drone show is immeasurable in today’s digital age.

Custom Storyboards
Would you like to deliver your message in a unique and eco-friendly manner, with an impact that won’t be forgotten easily? Our team will work with you in order to ensure the user experience will be unforgettable.

LED drones are automated and equipped with LED lights, they can be equipped with display your logos, words, faces, art, shapes and more.

They may be used for entertainment, marketing, promotions, product launches and even replace firework shows.

Interior Drone Light Shows?
A drone light show is the use of multiple drones flying in a coordinated fashion in order to create a fantastic show even indoors!

We can do drone shows indoors at convention centers, trade shows, car dealerships, corporate meetings and events, sports events and more.

We can have as little as 20 drones or as many as 1000 indoors

Interior drones are small, lightweight, nimble and are inspiring to watch.

Talent Card

Art Type:

Specialty Act


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Digital Fireworks, Drone Light Shows, Drones, LED Play

Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition




  • Tech Rider
  • Venue rent
  • Event insurance
  • Fenced, 24h secured area for start and landing (i.e. parking lot min. 2.5m2 per drone, even, tread proof and clean) a minimum safety distance of 100m to the next buildings
  • 50-100m safety zone around the flight area
  • Security and crowd management
  • Power supply on-site for our battery charging (5000W)
  • Site cabin, as working and storage area (furnished, AC, high-speed internet) – or any nearby facility that has the specs incl. Power supply
  • Creative Director (e. g. for development of a storyboard if needed)
  • Sound Designer (e. g. for music selection and editing if needed)
  • Professional PA system incl. mixing desk and operator (if needed)


100 Drone Show




Creating individual drone show content incl. 2 revisions Drone Technician and Pilot team on site 2 nights Rehearsals Staff operation on site and Drone Show performance Insurance up to 2.5 Million USD

No of sets:





AED 169050

Drone Light Show