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B-boying, Break Dance, Break Dancing, Contemporary, Dance Group, Electric Boogaloo, Experimental / Freestyle, Hip-Hop Dance, House Dance, Lyrical Dance, Modern Dance, Popping, Robot, Salsa


Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Corporate Event, Cruise Ship, Bachelor Party, Hotels & Restaurants, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party, Children Birthday



Born and raised in saudi Jeddah Ahmad found himself through movement.

It was at the age of 10 when Ahmad knew there was a lot more to dancing than just copying moves he saw on TV the more he grew the more he noticed how he loved translating inner feelings into physical sensations he developed his own style of harmonizing motion with how the music made him feel.

Ahmad is aware of the infinite ways to approach a routine or performance what makes him an excellent dancer and choreographer as he enjoys combining urban dancing styles with a theatrical approach ensuring who ever is watching lives the music and experience the harmony through his motion.

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