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DJ Andy P was born Andy Pearson in Manchester and can trace his DJing career to over 20 years ago. DJ Andy is a self-taught DJ having purchased his first turntable in 1995 to learn how to mix beats. He, later on, purchased a set of Technics 1210s to perfect the beat. From the first time he laid his hands on the turntables, DJ Andy knew that DJing was in his blood.

DJ Andy started off with Old Skool house music as this was the popular music in the clubs he hung out back in 1996. He practised on this beat to perfection and gained the confidence to play to a sizeable audience. His chance came when he was asked to play at the famous Legends nightclub in Warrington. The nightclub’s manager had listened to Andy’s music mixtape and was impressed by Andy’s skills. The manager asked Andy to play a set and was so impressed that he asked Andy to be the resident DJ. He stayed at Legends for the next 2 years. During that time he also played for private parties and select venues in Manchester city.

Andy moved to Kos, Greece in 1998 for an exposure tour for 3 months. He got a stint in the areas most famous club called Status. He returned the following summer and became the resident DJ at a new club called Club Tropicana. 

After returning to England Andy decided to explore more music styles and turned to Trance music which was quickly catching on. He worked hard at it and built an impressive record collection. In 2000, Andy got a chance to demonstrate his new skills at a DJ competition in the Gatecrasher club in Sheffield. He won the competition. The prize was a chance to play 1 hour on radio.

In the same year, Andy and 2 friends started to play Thursday nights at a club called the Staxx. Each DJ had a different style which made the night popular. Andy left after 6 months when the promoters commercialised the venue too much for his liking. 

In 2002, DJ Andy returned to House style as it was making a comeback. In 2003 Andy joined a DJing agency that worked in North England. He stayed with the agency for the next few years perfecting his skills.

In 2007 DJ Andy decided to move on from his vinyl turntables to the new CDs and MP3 mixers. He worked on a few mix CDs which made him popular in Manchester. He was offered a residency at a club in Lanzarote.

In 2008, Andy moved to Derbyshire where he was offered a residency at club Level 2. His style was vocal and funky house. 

In September 2008, Andy decided to make a major move and headed to Phuket in Thailand. He played at the popular Club Lime and made a big impression on the manager. He was offered a residency. Andy also played for Club Seduction, Club Icon and the Boat Bar. In 2009, he returned to the UK and picked up gigs in the North West.

DJ Andy had developed a strong liking for Thailand and he headed back there and took up a residency at Mixx Discotheque. He juggled his DJing between the two branches in Pattaya and Bangkok. 

After 2 ½ years, Andy left Mixx Discotheque and joined a newly opened club that was called 808. He was made the resident DJ. Since then DJ Andy P has played in other clubs in Thailand and in Asia,including

•  G-Terminal Lounge & Club – Bangkok, Thailand. 
•  Heart Of Darkness – Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
•  Paradise Club – Bangkok, Thailand.
•  Nova Club – Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
•  Zeus Club – Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
• Endorphin Discotheque (former resident) Pattaya,Thailand.
• Aurum Fashion Event - Dhaka,Bangladesh.
• Rocky’s - Ramee International Hotel, Bahrain (Resident DJ 2017)

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  • Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus or 2000 nexus.

DJ Andy P