Blank Canvas

United Arab Emirates



Blank Canvas is a community building initiative, that holds space for people to express themselves individually and collectively through various mediums of Art.

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, Blank Canvas re-launched in the UAE in 2016 using painting, music, and poetry as tools for collaboration and creative dialogue.

Blank Canvas serves as a platform for emerging talent and communal Art. We hold sessions that revolve around topics of identity, culture, and the human experience; that fuel people's imagination as they work together to create unified Art pieces.


We are on a mission to (re)build communities by facilitating creative expression for all. Through applied self-awareness and collaboration, we believe a strong foundation for a resilient and responsible community can be built.

With our arms and Art combined, join us in building a future that nurtures co-creation, creativity, ​and community.

Talent Card

Art Type:

Specialty Act


United Arab Emirates


Art Creator, Graffiti Artist, Street Art Muralist

Events Type:

Corporate Event, Cruise Ship, Wedding, Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party, Children Birthday

Awards and Recognition

Pride of Abu Dhabi Emerald Award - Best Contributor to The Arts

Blank Canvas