Belen Pouchan

United Arab Emirates



Belen Pouchan, an acclaimed rhythmic gymnast from the Argentine national team, stands out not only for her prowess in the sport, but also for her versatile artistic abilities as an acrobat, actress, and singer.

Widely recognized in Argentina, she has graced the country's most prominent programs and shows, including appearances on Showmatch and headlining the renowned theatrical production "Stravaganza" for a decade. Her stage presence has extended to grand venues such as Arena Coca-Cola, Luna Park, and various stadiums across Latin America.

Her musical journey commenced three years ago while residing in Dubai, where she performs as an artist, embracing roles as one of Dubai's most prestigious acrobats.

Her injection of something novel in music is evident in her music videos, where her performances not only encompass acting but also showcase her acrobatic skills and dance expertise. Belen's collaborations have led to an eclectic repertoire of six singles, spanning from "Hechizo" and "Razones" to "Copa", "AmorOdio", and her upcoming release "Mamii", exploring diverse musical genres from Reggaeton to pop and Afrobeat.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Singer (Vocalist)


Acoustic, Afro Beats, Bachata, Covers, Latino, Pop, R&B, Salsa

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Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Private Party




OMNI club - BNF entertainment


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Belen Pouchan