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DJ, Producer


EDM, Trap


Clubs & Pubs, Exhibition, Private Party, Public Event, Festival



BEATZSHOCKER, actually Tomasz Winnicki, DJ producer from Poland. Born in 1983 in Świdwin, currently living in Germany. Since the school days, that is for over 20 years, he has been developing his skills in electronic music.

Mixing, covers, studio software, that is getting to know his craft from scratch. In year 2000, at the age of only 17, he began experimenting with sounds, playing the first major events in his area. He produced and mixed pieces in various music styles, from trance, house, dance, electro, to heavier and darker moods.

This diversity and curiosity of music allowed him to quickly gain experience and recognition. Clubs, events, and dance parties have always been his true element, that's why, regardless of how the life went on, he always back to music to his dreams.

"If you can dream, you can also do it", with this came motto, use others during his BEATSHOCKER wants to ent events, where he presents a new, energetic style and guarantees unforgettable experiences.

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