Ash Rose

United Arab Emirates


My name is Ash Rose, I’m a professional close-up corporate magician. I have experience performing at a wide range of venues and events such as; corporate functions, Weddings, Night clubs, Hotels and Black tie events all around the world.

My style of Magic is unique. It’s a well-rounded performance that can cater for any event. My goal in every event is to stun, awe and amaze with inspiring illusions designed for crowd pleasing and sociable entertainment. Whether it’s reading minds or performing miracles with borrowed objects, i guarantee the audience will be hooked.

I have over fifteen years’ experience in the art of magic and entertainment. As a professional and established magician, I take pride demonstrating the most bizarre and amazing effects to my audience. However it is not all about the magic effects, it is also how you deliver the experience and interact with the participants. This is something I have spent a lot of time on perfecting.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Cardician, Cardist, Closeup Magic, Crazy Waiter, Escapologist, Escapology, Fire, Fire Play, Hypnotist, Magician (Illusionist), Magic Show, Manipulation, Mentalist, Pick Pocket, Psychic Entertainer, Rope Magic, Rubick Cube, Stage Magic, Technology

Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Children Birthday, Private Party, Exhibition



Awards and Recognition

south wales magic society magician of the year

Dubai's magician of the year 2023


Entertainer on private jet for VVIP's

Opening act for Mind2Mind connected every Friday in Dubai

professional magician


  • for stage and comedy bookings
  • 1x Sennheiser HSP 4 headset microphone
  • 1x handheld microphone
  • a lockable green room, this should have a mirror, clothing rack, and a desk.
  • Tech Rider
  • Green Room

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can you do brand awareness?

yes! I’ve worked with some very large brands in the UAE for social media campaigns. to boost their brand with tricks. and also consult on the overall project.

can we request a theme for a party ?

yes! I can do spooky magic for Halloween or tricks to do with almost any occasion. also if it’s available I’m happy to dress to the occasion. Black tie events. or casual wear if you want it to look improvised. ect.

can you do magic shows for kids?

No, I’ve left the children’s entertainment scene 8 years back. I can entertain children if I’m hired for a family event or for a party and children happen to be there of course. but I specialize in entertaining adults in a professional setting or corporate function.

do you perform at private house events ?

yes, for birthdays or celebrations, BBQ’s or special events, any occasion is a good time to have a magician.

Ash Rose


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04 July 2023

Ash was perfect for our event and our client was delighted.

Christina U.

14 February 2023

Everything was amazing, guys were doing really great ❤️

Marion T

27 January 2023

The magician, everybody LOVED him!! Like he did some tricks with Clinique products and that made a difference for sure.