Ara Dermosessian (Ciggie)

United Arab Emirates



24 March 2022

They were great thank you

Soheil M

08 February 2022

Just want to let you know that your efforts were superb and highly appreciated. Our patrons and audience were captivated by the performances.

Talar Kazanjian

04 February 2020

Thank you so much ❤️ everything was on point last Friday, the flow artists really killed it!

Talar Kanzanjian

15 December 2019

Thanks for being kind and very accommodating 💜 the artist was great and made good use of the podiums at Kaynouna.

Snoopy Beats

29 October 2018

Honestly the show you guys put on was the talk of the party, really appreciate the time you put into the choreography, will defiantly be working together on upcoming events, a big thanks to all the team.