Ziad Saleh

United Arab Emirates



A Jordanian singer who started in 2006 with his first single "Salem Ally Ghab". Four singles were released afterwards: 2007: "Allah Ma'ak" and "Shou Awlek".

2008: "Rohla O Ella" and "Tamara".

In the year 2009 Ziad's first album was released under the name "Aktar Ma Fiki" Produced by Plan B, Distributed by Melody – Solo Records. During his experience he dealt with musical composers such as Walid Saad, Toni Asmar, Toni Qattan, also Adel Ayesh, Osama Naber and Khalid Mustafa as musical arrangers, Omar Sari, Anan Awad and Awad Badawi as lyrics writers. Participated in Fuheis Festival in 2007 and Jordan Festival in 2008. Four music videos were shooted in Beirut : "Salem Ally Ghab" directed by Rindala Kdieh "Allah Ma'ak" directed by Ahmad Ankah "Bihebik O Mush Aref" and "Galo Halo" directed by Ziad Khoury 2010 ziad released tayara song

2011 bano 3ainayha bano

2012 ya batel 3ajamala ya batel and wala 2oeh btemna3ni

those songs was writen by saleem assaf and arranged by mark abdulnour

2013 Serti Metl el Maaroufin

2014 With The big hits Jamal el Rouh and Metl El Amar Ziad regained his come back after signing with the record label and production company Arabnights

2015 Aataytak Weed and Uooborni el Tabii Songs

2016 wahdak Aal rouh & Allah yehmiha

2017 Jamal El Rouh which became a major hit in Lebanon and claimed the number one position for months. He also released the song Wel3aneh and Elli bedri bedri which also became a big hit 2018 Shoof 3youni

2019 released a big hit Laabi Ghayra

Talent Card

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Singer (Vocalist)


Arabic, Commercial, Mainstream, Original, Party , Pop, Upbeat, World Music

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Hotels & Restaurants, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition


Arabic, English


  • Tech Rider
  • Sound System

Ziad Saleh