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Thomas Richardson



Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Advertising, Animals, Architecture, Astrophotography, Automotive, Baby, Cars, Concert, Conferences, Documentaries, Events, Exhibitions, Family, Fashion, Films, Fitness, Food, Landscape, Lifestyle, Medical, Paparazzi, Pet, Photojournalist, Products, Real Estate, School, Short Films, Street, Travel, Vehicle, Videography, Wedding, Wildlife


Corporate Event, Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Cruise Ship, Bachelor Party, Hotels & Restaurants, Exhibition, Public Event, Festival, Private Party, Children Birthday



Thomas William Richardson is a seasoned Documentary DOP and Cameraman with extensive knowledge in both production and technology alike. With thirteen years’ experience (Eleven of which have been dedicated to working freelance in the Middle East) He has built a portfolio with a wealth of varied content.

He is working Globally and currently based in the United Arab Emirates.

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