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Music is life and reaches everyone, its purpose tells a story, using music to tell his intriguing narrative utilizing the method of music royale is a native (south park) houstonian r&b/hiphop singer that obtained his start at a young age singing out of the womb with true sounds of r&b and gospel. he became serious about music as a young adult working and studying his craft and the business. after the small taste of auditioning for American idol at a young age he was officially hooked.

after performing numerous shows and being featured on other artists songs it was in 2006 when he truly knew what was required for his hunger for the world of music to be satisfied. he took his steps into the stage light and claimed attention and command by the message he was presenting and the sound of his vocals.

royal has even been successful reaching people as far as Australia by selling his songs on iTunes as well as getting radio play on the online radio sensation callywood radio as well as the top 10 countdown on 88.7 FM kazi broadcast radio in Austin Tx for 7 weeks. while producing and recording, he is currently multitasking as a singer, engineer, and lyricist. after taking 1st place in the 2017 Atlanta R&B explosion royale has developed his own sound, bringing the R&B flavor back and he truly believes R&B deserves great attention once again.

in 2018 he is eager and ready to main event any arena, festival, or any special festivity.

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Royale Muzic