At just the age of 17, Roashan has established himself as a behemoth of both electronic and pop worlds. If 2015 was his breakthrough year, 2019 was the year he stacked his claim as more than a dance music A-lister. Dance music remain his focus—but Roashan's horizons have broadened dramatically.

Next to that his own a radio station named THE ROAD RADIOS which is releasing new music from other great(upcoming) artists. Roashan's move into the world of pop and the mainstream at large should come as a little surprise.

His 2019 album "Wonders" went to everything in India and he quickly embraced his appeal to wider world. Forging a phenomenal career that belies his age, Roashan has achieved what many could only have dreamt of in a lifetime. One thing is for certain, he is only just getting started.

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DJ, Producer


Ambient, Baroque Pop, Chill Out, Club House, Dance, Dancehall, Deep House, Downtempo, Dream Pop, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, EDM, Electronic, Hip Hop, House Dance, Indie, Instrumental, Nu Disco, Pop, Progressive, PsyTrance, R&B, Rock, Tech, Tech House, Tribal

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