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United States of America


Rapper, Singer (Vocalist)


Alternative, EDM, Hip Hop, Original, Rap


Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Corporate Event, Cruise Ship, Bachelor Party, Hotels & Restaurants, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party, Children Birthday



At the age of 17, I started making music with my cousins in my aunt’s attic with a piano, T-pain Autotune microphone, and an iPod to record it all. We made 5 songs a night. Just singing and rapping to one another. I wanted to take it all a bit further and started recording my own songs at 18 at a professional studio.

With a few life-changing events, a miscarriage from an ex of mine, being cheated on, using drugs, and a lot of answered prayers, all made me know the true enlivening God and has quadrupled my faith in him. These things were incorporated in my music from the age of 20 until now.

At 24, I’m set to spread my personal story and others around me, to everyone to help increase their faith in God and show he’s not only real but relevant to each of our lives.

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