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United States of America




Dubstep, House, Trance, Trap


Clubs & Pubs, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party



It has always been a passion of mine to put smiles on people’s faces. But there is nothing like the feeling when i’m playing a song and I look out over the crowd and there are a thousand smiling faces looking back up at me, singing along, loving where they are at that current moment. You see, I live for that moment.

That 10 second interval when i’m up on that stage where I can actually zone in and enjoy every aspect of what I do. It doesn't matter who you are, where your from, or what language you speak... for that one moment I’m able to look back down at you and see pure happiness in your eyes. That’s why I love to DJ, and produce music.

That’s what makes me different from all the rest. Music is my gateway to people’s hearts and my tool to help humanity smile once again.

Every single one of you that supports me, whether it be showing up to my shows, or just reposting a tune of mine I just wanna say THANK YOU! I hope you will continue to stick by my side because I have so many huge things planned for the next couple months. Remember... Get R3BORN and make your future bright!

Hard Trap is my only love

When making a track, all that matters is the way the music makes you feel!
I believe in the hype the music brings to the crowd.

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