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PrYmary Colours





Band, Dancing, Duo, Electronic Musician


90s, Dance, Electronic, Fusion, House, Latin, Latino, Nu Disco, Pop, Soul, Tech, Tribal, Upbeat


Clubs & Pubs, Public Event, Festival, Private Party



PrYmary Colours is an electronic act from Ireland. The duo consists of Cayisha on vocals & Daz on production. A two-piece soundscape formed, to give people an alternative option to dance & pop music, with all of their own original music. PrYmary Colours' music is a fusion of electronic beats with soulful vocals.

The music pulsates at an energetic level, combining elements of the club scene with the the ingredients of catchy popular tunes. Their mission is simple: to bring joy to everyone, through their love & music. Genres that feature in the music are House, Techno, Pop, Soul, Disco, 90s, Tribal and Latin.

We incorporate choreographed dancers, LED hula hoopers, bubbles, confetti and more into our performance, so that the all round experience is a memorable one.

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