South Africa



Born July 1978 in Zimbabwe Grew up in South Africa Argentine Father / Uruguayan Mother WC – Started playing guitar at the age of 15
1994 - 16

Tehila competition

st nd

1 in Song writing 2 overall in performance Record deal Brettian Productions

1995 - 17
1 Album – Michael Naranjo “believe”

Michael Naranjo - Discography

1995 - 17

2nd Album – Michael Naranjo “Turning Point”

1997 - 19

Formed a band called Alma Rose

Later became 7 Day Story

2000 - 22

Seven Day Story wrote the title song for the SABC 3 award winning show Going Nowhere Slowly

Michael Naranjo - Discography

01/2 -24

Toured the Middle East, Dubai and Oman with a corporate band

Called Axxent

2004 - 26

Formed One Day Remains

Michael Naranjo - Discography

2005 - 27

Relocated to Johannesburg and signed a record deal with David Gresham Music Group

2005/08 -30

in the 3 year period the band One Day Remains releases 3 singles to radio “The Need” is still play listed on most stations nationally.

“Never Say Die” – Anthem for the Vodacom Tri Nations Rugby in 2008 “What have I become” featuring actor Brandon Auret in the music video

Extensive national tour followed and numerous festivals including Africa Bike week 2009 – Coke Zero Fest with Oasis, Metallica, Panic! At the Disco - Falls Fest Zimbabwe.

Toured with Prime Circle, Van Coke Cartel, Glaskas, Ghapi, Steve Hofmeyer Nicholis Louw , Curt Darren, Parlotones.

2009 - 31

Shot 3 times in failed hi – jacking on Thursday 8 October 2009.

Michael died on the scene and was revived.

Launched The Angels Unaware Project with Jon Delinger. Recorded 5 albums which include

“Glaskas - Engele wat Skree” and “Ontmaskerde heldin”, “Nelda – Baklei vir my” , “Saving Silence debut album” “Jon Delinger – Never walk alone”

Michael Naranjo - Discography

2010 - 32

Wrote “Beautiful Monster” with Supernova artist Dilana Robichaux Solo project – Naranjo – Toured the country with Ghapi for 1 year Playing all major festivals.

Michael Naranjo - Discography

2011 - 33

Started 4 new projects –Steve Booysen’s “Musical Boardroom” with Jon Delinger & The Ghostriders

One Day Remains – “Saints and Sinners” – Double Album

The Angels Unaware Documentary The House of Writers

2012 - 34

Expanded The House of Writers - Launched The Guevara Sessions – A recording project taking 15 unsigned, Unknown artists to encourage Artist Development in South Africa

Recorded Solo artist Daniela Diogo – Debut album

Recorded Blackshadow Solomon – Debut Ep

New side projects called Conspiracy 7 and Libertad

“Miracle” chosen as title track for Frans Cronje’s new movie Baroudeur

Festivals played this year included Africa Bike Week, Aardklop and Krank’d UP.

Michael Naranjo - Discography

2013 - 35

Released The Angels Unaware Project – “Ghetto Gospel” through Maranatha Music

Released Naranjo – “Miracle” through Maranatha Music

Released 2 full length documentaries through Maranatha Music approved by the Films and Publications board of South Africa.

Started Writing of Naranjo – “Acoustic Symphony”

Started working on “The Road to Machu Picchu” documentary series.

Relocated to Uruguay South America

2014 - 36

Started writing the new Naranjo – “Revelation” album

Started recording the new Naranjo – “Revelation” album with Latin Grammy Nominated Artist Max Capote at Victoria Studios, Montevideo

Michael Naranjo - Discography


Set up the Casa Cienfuegos Studio and started recording Qorban Blues/ Qorband

Finished Mastering on The Acoustic Symphony

Worked on various episodes of “The Road to Machu Picchu”

Spent 8 months in Mendoza, Argentina Filming parts of The Road to Machu Picchu

Dilana’s album “Beautiful Monster” is released – Artwork by World renown Photographer Glen Wexler.

Returned to Uruguay in October 2014

2015 - 36

Qorband’s album – “En un Segundo” is released, mastered by Latin Grammy Nominee Max Capote - will be Forwarded to Grammy panel for entry in 2016 – Critically Acclaimed on high Radio Rotation.

Filming for “The Road to Machu Picchu” continues

The travel show – “Going Nowhere Slowly”- is now going worldwide under the Name “Going Global”. The theme song Going Nowhere Slowly is the title track for The “Going Global” show which will feature an episode on myself.

Daniela Diogo s debut album “Breakthrough” is released.

Wrote the title song/music for the new travel and wine show in Uruguay and feature in the pilot episode.

Michael Naranjo - Discography

2016 - 38

Filming new material for Road to Machu Picchu episodes

Start professional relationship with Jesse Blaze Snider son of Dee Snider from Twisted Sister, and developing ideas for his album. Work continues on and off for several months.

Play various shows and tour Uruguay with NARANJO Band, playing in some of Uruguay's most prestigious venues.

Qorband Blues received Graffiti award for Best Produced Blues Album

Released Naranjo Titan and Revelation

At the end of 2016 Michael is asked to return to South Africa to head up an artist development project.

Michael Naranjo - Discography

2017 - 39

Upon arrival in South Africa he did a mini tour of the Western Cape playing various venues and produced a Dark Country record for The Voice SA contestant Meggan Moore. One of the covers they did, “You're the one that I want” has been viewed over 350 000 times on YouTube.

One other cover, Gravedigger has over 100 000 views on YouTube, both songs were used in Sons of Anarchy fan videos.

For the rest of the year I headed up a project called Sime Sonke – we are one - where I produced 10 songs and videos for a ministry campaign funded from the USA and various other sources.

Worked on a few songs with Nathi Louw of Reeburth, a metal band from Soweto.

After the project finished, he started on producing a full album for a young girl from the local township in Parys called COMIC.

She is a 22 year old wordsmith and we created a new style of music.
COMIC is a proud LGBTQ spokesperson.

Continued working with Jesse Snider on and off.

2018 - 40

Started vocal coaching lessons for beginners. One of his students Juan Roodman, won Silver in the national competition Africa Talent after 2 weeks of vocal lessons.

Recorded new Triz album, co-producing/mixing with Franko Carino from Limp Bizkit, USA.

COMIC won first prize in a national school talent competition for her poetry.

Recorded single for young Afrikaans singer Talitta, her first song went to number 1 on local radio. New single “Tyd” is being released in this quarter.

Finalizing Jesse Blaze Snider record for release.

Recorded 3 singles for author and multiple World Record Holder in various disciplines, Lukas Korff, to accompany his motivational ministry. Filming and editing his documentary to be included in his latest book.

Michael Naranjo - Discography

2019 to current – 43

President of DMT Artist Group - Head of A & R - Artists and Representation Music producer/ Released 6 studio albums and around 150 visual projects in 3rd and 4th quarter

Hosted several song writing workshops

Produced Arranged Mixed Mastered - Majo Voice of the Voiceless

Produced Composed Arranged Mixed Mastered- Kimberley Street CD/DVD Worship team development and director 8 months for Kimberley Street

Produced Arranged Mixed Mastered - Jon Delinger Evolution

Produced Composed Arranged Mixed Mastered- Naranjo The Cleansing

Produced arranged Mixed Jesse Blaze Snider - JBS (son of Dee Snider Twisted Sister) Released in 2020/2021

Collaboration with UMC Squad Germany on 4 songs mixed by Sky van Hoff (Rammstein, Kreator etc)

Sub Publisher on all works in association with John Fishlock/ Select Music

Collaboration with Latin American Graffiti Award winning and Latin American Grammy Nominee Max Capote ( La Victoria Records, Montevideo UY) on a Tribute to Los Olimarenos, album to be released in 2022 in South America. Producing, Arranging, Vocals

Diagnosed with Neurodegenerative PTSD in December 2020

Michael Naranjo - Discography

Awarded 6 African Indie Awards in April 2021. The DMT Artist Group took 7 awards on the evening.

• Michael Naranjo – Best Music Producer English

• Michael Naranjo – Best Songwriter English

• TRIZ – Best Hard Rock Single

• Jesse Blaze – Los Angeles USA – Best Heavy Metal Single

• Qorband Blues – Best Blues Band

• Qorband Blues – Best Latino Single

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Talent Card

Art Type:



Cape Town, South Africa


Bassist, Composer, Guitarist, Producer, Rock Band, Singer (Vocalist)


Commercial, English, Folk, Hard Rock, Party , Rock and Roll, Spanish

Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Festival, Corporate Event, Private Party


Spanish; Castilian, English, Afrikaans

Awards and Recognition

Latin American Graffiti 2016 Best Rock album

Going Nowhere Slowly -Title Track - Best Travel Show 8 seasons

Title Track - Baroudeur Movie 2012

Best Newcomer of the Year 95

Afri Indie Awards - Best Producer

Afri Indie Awards - Best Songwriter - English


  • Untitled
  • 4 x Boom stands + hi hat and 2 x snare stands • Cymbals must be Sabian / Ziljian 18” crash, 22” ride 14” hi hat
  • Untitled
  • 1x 4 piece Yamaha Maple Custom or in similar range. (12”tom,16” floor tom and 22” kick)
  • Untitled
  • 1x Mark Bass 600/900 W 4x10 cab x1 / Ampeg 1200w 8x10 cab
  • Untitled
  • 1x Mesa Boogie triple rectifier 100W full stack / Hughes Kettner Tri amp, triple channel half stack.
  • Untitled
  • 1x Mesa Boogie / Hughes Kettner triple rectifier 100W full stack or half stack (or 2 x 12 combo)
  • Untitled
  • 1x Send for in-ear monitoring at lead vocals (Vox 1). Back Line Requirements (or equivalent)
  • Untitled
  • 6x Tall boom stands (2x Overheads, 2x toms and hi-hats) If drum microphones are clip on, then we need only 2x tall overhead boom stands.
  • Untitled
  • 8x Drum microphones (Kick, snare, hi hat, rack tom, 2x floor tom and 2x overhead)
  • Untitled
  • 2x short boom stands for guitar microphones and 1x short boom stand for kick microphone
  • Untitled
  • 2x Shure Beta 57 for Electric Guitar Amps
  • Untitled
  • Vox 1 Shure SM 58 • Vox 2 Shure SM 58 • 2x Boom stands for vocal microphones
  • Untitled
  • Lighting on the drums
  • Untitled
  • 1x Send for in ear monitoring 24 Channel Mixer with min 6x Auxiliaries
  • Untitled
  • 6X 12” Monitors Aux 1(2 x Vox 1) Aux 2 (Vox 2) Aux 3 (Bass) Aux 4 (Drums)
  • Untitled
  • 1x Sub Monitor behind drums
  • Untitled
  • 4x Limiters(Vox 1,2 and Bass)
  • Untitled
  • Preferred microphones – equivalents are acceptable • Kick AKG D112 • Snare SM 57 • Hi Hat Condenser mic • Tom1 SM57 • Floor Tom 1 SM 57 • Floor Tom 2 SM 57 • O/H left Condenser mic • O/H right Condenser mic • Bass DI • Guitar Amps Beta 57(x2) • Vox 1 SM58 • Vox 2 SM58 • Click DI (mix to drum aux only) • Acoustic Guitars DI (x2) • In ears Send vox 1 prominent and a reasonable mic of other instruments.


4 Jacks.


4 hours


Personal Microphones. Pedals, Heads. Dress change. Guitars. Full Band- Drum snare and personal hardware. Bass.

No of sets:



Sound equipment, lighting. Visas. Flights. Accomodation. Food. Travel. Cables.


USD 2286

Three's Company


3 hours


Personal Microphones. Guitars. Pedals. Heads. Full band- Drum snare, personal hardware. Bass.

No of sets:



Sound equipment, backline. Cables. Lighting. Visas. Flights. Accomodation. Travel. Food.


USD 1960

The Two Timer


2 hours


Guitars. Personal Microphones. Heads. Pedals. Full band, drums- snare and personal hardware. Bass

No of sets:



Sound Equipment. Lighting. Visas. Flights. Travel. Accomodation. Cables. Backline.


USD 1143