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United Arab Emirates


Beat Box, Singer (Vocalist)


Acoustic, Alternative, House


Wedding, Public Event, Festival, Exhibition, Bachelor Party, Corporate Event



Before Mural, Mustapha and Richie are college buddies chilling out. Both are music enthusiasts and in fact, they were part of individual groups: Mu of “Helga”, a rock band who came out with an album back in the Philippines; and Richie of Dubai’s hip hop group, “The Recipe”.

When Mu decided to move in Dubai, music, common friends and interests led them to gigs and inspired them to come up with original songs. However, due to unparalleled schedules, they couldn’t put up a band. Nevertheless, these two are unbelievably courageous and instead, settled on investing looping equipments as band mates substitutes.

Jamming has now become completed: Mu on vocals and guitar with loop machine for more texture, while Richie does the beat boxing for more upbeat ambiance.

This duo may be a year old in Dubai gigs and music industry but rest assured equipped with mind blowing experiences to share and tag everyone along. Their positivity will make your criticisms constructive and functional to them. And eventually propel them to bring out their best crafts as an individual and as a duo.

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Group Members

Mustapha Glang


Richie Hiranandani

Beat Boxing