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Mr. Ned As Charlie Chaplin

Specialty Act




Impersonator, Living Statue, Plate Spinning


Corporate Event, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival



HARLIE SHOW starts with that particular, funny walk, Charlie has become distinguished with. Ned
walks on the stage doing a variety of amusing tricks with his little wicked cane. He goes on juggling with his bowler hat and cane. Then he takes out various objects / ping-pong balls, sticks, eggs, balls, etc. / from a garbage container.

Dressed in baggy pants and a tailcoat, Ned charges those objects not only with energy but alters their personalities in his own special way. The show is five minutes long. Original music from Chaplin's films is used as a sound background.

The show can be performed in TV entertainment programs, variety halls, circuses, music halls, children's performances, amusements parks, onboard cruise liners, festivals, etc.

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