Layth Al Daene

United Arab Emirates



Son of the artist Scriptwriter Abdul Wahab al-Daene Nephew artist Munir Bashir and jamil Bashir.

Soloist on the oud,Distributor musician and composer,Theater director,Sinarst and Plates designed to play,Poet,Rate of color,Sound Engineer,Editor,His experience in composing music soundtracks,Story Board Announcements,Artists Association of Iraqis,Served as President of the Iraqi Task Force tonalities 1995-2003,Schooled by the most skilled players on the Iraqis, including the Oud,Artist Moataz Al-Bayati and the artist Ali Imam.

He held many musical evenings and he has many local and international posts……Baghdad National Theatre 1996,Alrasheed theater Baghdad 1998,Hall Davaze Algeria 2001.

Poets Forum 2000 Iraqis,Babylon Festival 1998,Opening the annual scientific conference (three sessions) Baghdad 2001,Mustansiriya University Festival 2002,World Youth Festival Algeria 2001,Center Festival AHS Jordan 1998,Evening at the Emirates Palace 2008,Forum rulers Aldulin 2004 Athens Olympics,Evening in a hotel shangerila 2009.Embassy of Jordan 2010,Festival Country Music student in Iraq,Conclusion of the Festival of Joy 1997,Cultural Foundation Abu Dhabi 2003,Folklore Festival XVI, 2001, evening anniversary The annual departure of the artist Munir Bashir in the Saddam Centre for the Arts of Baghdad 1999.

He composed and the distribution of many Alaoberitat in the United Arab Emirates,
Compose music for Khalifa Fund Abu Dhabi,
Operetta to Abu Dhabi for the care and rehabilitation of people with special needs,
Held a charity concert to support the children of Iraq,

Work in, FM, Abu Dhabi Channel.

Has to deal with many of the poets Including the poet HE Salem Neyadi and poet Mohammed Ahmed al-Hamed and Adel Muhsin,
Aqea al Rubaie , and the poet Anwar Almshiri , Saif Al Shamsi and the poet Ali al-Nomani and poet Mohammed Al Dousari and poet Zafer Ibrahim.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates





Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition

Awards and Recognition

He holds a certificate of appreciation XV International Festival of Youth and Students 2001 in Algeria,

University of Al Ain United Arab Emirates for out Operetta,

Holds a shield of Jerusalem from the evening solo Certificate of appreciation from the U.S. Ambassador in Abu Dhabi

Certificate of appreciation for or directed Operetta United Arab Emirates at the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi,

Certificate of Merit for the best music play in the annual Festival of Sharjah


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Layth Al Daene