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Music is in my heart since my childhood. When my mother was pregnant, she was putting headphones with Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” on her belly.

She dreamed of giving birth to a daughter who would change the World. And I always knew: “The world, people need to change first is the one inside themselves”

When I came to school, I started singing more seriously. I listened to the songs of Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston every day ... I felt with all my heart that music is the most favored thing that I really love.

And I really want other people to feel the same way listening to my music, and I’m longing to make the world a better place by sharing my energy and my ideas.

Also when I discovered yoga for myself, I realized that this is exactly what makes my soul sing and bloom.

Actually, with yoga, I manage to perfect not only the flexibility of my body but also my mind and my soul. Sometimes before very important performances, I go to yoga classes, and I get so inspired after it, that I’m ready to share all my love and my energy with the audience.

Listen to my music, enjoy yourself and be your own inspiration

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Talent Card

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Pianist, Singer (Vocalist)


Covers, Original, Pop, R&B, Russian, Soul, World Music

Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Children Birthday, Private Party, Exhibition


Russian, English

Song list

  • My Songs and Covers
  • KrisG XG - No Doubt (Acoustic)
  • KrisG XG - No Doubt
  • KrisG XG - Spanish Pearl
  • KrisG XG - Spanish Pearl (Acoustic)
  • KrisG XG - Could We Be Free (Acoustic)
  • KrisG XG - Bye Felicia (Acoustic)
  • KrisG XG - Live the Moment
  • KrisG XG - Bye Felicia
  • KrisG XG - Ratchet
  • KrisG XG - Gangster
  • KrisG XG - Got It
  • KrisG XG - Я так люблю
  • KrisG XG - Стены
  • KrisG XG - Я так люблю
  • KrisG XG - С днем рождения, мама!
  • covers at the request by client!!!


  • Main Artist
  • Mic Stand
  • Lights on stage, if available
  • Soundcheck - must provide a sound engineer during sound check and during the actual performance
  • 2x monitors on stage (excluding monitors for the audience to hear)
  • Effects for vocals, such as reverb, echo, etc.
  • Water on and off stage
  • If no DJ is available to play backing tracks, kindly specify so that artist can hire a DJ from her side. DJ rates are separate from artists.


Live Performance


Per Hour


Singing, original music, playing the piano, covers at the request by client.

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Band members


USD 596 /hour

KrisG XG