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John Paul Faderogao

Specialty Act


United Arab Emirates


Art Creator, Caricature, Digital Caricature, Speed Painting, Street Art Muralist


Hotels & Restaurants, Wedding, Corporate Event, Bachelor Party, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party



John Paul Faderogao, is a freelance artist doing on-the-spot caricature and sketch in both traditional and digital for any type of event.

He also does commission painting using, charcoal and sepia portraits, watercolor, oil & acrylic paintings, illustration and murals.

Having performed in lots of exhibitions in the UAE and have rendered his service as event artist to companies both private and government entities.

His works has been featured in several local and international newspapers.

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Awards and Recognition

Waterfront Market Mural Competition 2019

Municipality Tolerance Art Competition 2019

1st Place at the National Watercolor Competition 2016 in UAE